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Mom-Owned Business – Totally2TooCute

The name of today’s featured business pretty much sums it up – Totally2TooCute!  With ribbons, bows, and tulle galore, this mom of all BOYS has something for the little men in your life, too.


1. What made you decide to start T2TC (Totally2TooCute)?
My love for tulle started about 5 years ago and hasn’t stopped. However, T2TC did not come about until March of 2011. I started making tutus for family and friends,then decided to turn my hobby into a business. I feel as if T2TC has sky rocketed since then.
2. Do you have a favorite product that you make?
It is hard to pick a favorite item when all of my creations are custom made and filled with an equal amount of love. IF I had to pick one item to be my favorite right now, I would have to say my tie tees for the boys. They still make me chuckle each and every time I see a little one wearing them. A close second would be the birthday sets. They are totally fun to create!
3.What’s the most rewarding part of selling your creations?
The most rewarding part of selling my creations is the enjoyment in the childs face; wether I am able to see it in person or  through a photo. My heart is just full of joy at that very moment.  I also love running in to customers of mine in public wearing items made by T2TC. That is by far one of the coolest feelings ever!
4. How old are your kids? How do you balance your business with family?
I have two wonderful boys, yes BOYS, ages 11 and 8. Can we say T2TC is my girl fix?  For the most part, I work when my children are at school and my husband is at work. However, I am usally working in the evening hours as well since thats when my brain comes up with crazy ideas. Like my one friend has always told me, “I would love to be able to pick your brain apart and see what you are thinking of next.”
5. How can readers view more products and submit orders?
Readers can view my page via Facebook by clicking here.  Please “like” my page so  you can be up to date on all new products and deals.
Viewers can order from my facebook page by sending me a private message OR by sending me an email to:
6. When should orders be submitted in order to be ready by Christmas?
As of right now, T2TC is on about a 2-3 week turn around. IF you need an order done prior to that time frame, please contact me to discuss a rush fee.

Mom-Owned Business – Bling Jewelry

I am excited to be featuring Bling Jewelry today!  Several friends of mine have pieces of Anita’s jewelry, and they are stunning pieces that make an everyday outfit special.  Of course they would also really glam up a special occasion, too!

Bling Jewelry

What made you decide to start Bling Jewelry? 

I have always loved Swarovski Crystal and blingy, sparkly things…I really enjoying putting the colors together….I have a lot of fun doing it!

Do you have a favorite product that you create? 

I love making pieces that have sentimental value….jewelry for a special day or gift. I do a lot of Bridal and Bridal Party Jewelry and it’s so nice to be a small part of someone’s special day.

What’s the most rewarding part of selling your creations?

Meeting great people…I have made some great friends through my business. And mostly, helping my family…I work hard at this to help support them and provide for my kids.

How old are your kids? How do you balance your business with family?

I have 2 teenage boys, soon to be 18 and 16. Where does the time go?  I also work full-time…so I work a I don’t always have all the time I long for.

How can readers view more products and submit orders?

You can contact me through my Facebook page, my email:, or cell…412-334-9860. You can visit me at many local shows or shop at my home. I can ship anywhere also. I do home-parties too….contact me to schedule and get free Bling!

Are you accepting custom orders at this time? If so, when should orders be submitted in order to be ready by Christmas?

I am accepting custom orders always, and will do my best to accommodate all holiday orders.

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Mom-Owned Business – Sarah’s Shirts

For all the big moments in our little ones lives, Sarah’s Shirts is here to make birthdays, holidays, and special occasions even more special!

Sarah’s Shirts

What made you decide to start Sarah’s shirts?

I loved purchasing customized clothing for my own girls and decided I was spending enough on different shirts that I should learn how to do it myself!  I started creating for my 2 girls and then my friends began to order.  I’ve been slowly growing via word of mouth!

Do you have a favorite product that you create?

I love to create first birthday shirts because I know how special of an event that is for a child.  I also really enjoy creating shirts to visit Disney.  They make for the best family photos!

What’s the most rewarding part of selling your creations?

The most rewarding part of selling my creations is when a customer sends a picture to me or posts a picture of their child/family wearing the shirts.  I love to see those captured memories and to see the product again at its final destination.

How old are your kids?  How do you balance your business with family?

I have two girls and then a boy – Ages 5, 4, and almost 2.  I balance the business with family just as any other mom – My kids come first and then I work when I can. I’m fortunate enough to have a side job that allows me to be present with my family and do my work as I can.  That being said, Preschool time = Sewing time!

How can readers view more products and submit orders?

I am currently in the process of finalizing a website that is expected to launch shortly!! In the meantime, customers can view my work at  It’s public, so even those without a facebook account can access it.  You can order by messaging me on FB or emailing me at  Once the website is up and running I’ll be doing all orders through the site. 

When should orders be submitted in order to be ready by Christmas?

My current turnaround time is 2 weeks!  If you need it shipped sooner, ask me about rush fees (I usually have space for a few but holidays may be hectic). 

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Mom-Owned Business – Jaszy Jewels Bowtique

I first heard about Mandy and Jaszy Jewels Bowtique through a mutual friend.  I clicked her Facebook page and scrolled through all the different styles of bows (any of which would be adorable on my little girl’s head) until I came to THE BOW we had to have…an ELMO bow!  Like many toddlers, my little one loves that furry red monster, so I knew we just had to have it.  I also loved the turkey bow Mandy makes, so I added that to our order as well.  (The bows on Facebook are available immediately; I checked and Elmo isn’t there so if you are interested in an Elmo bow it will need to be specially ordered by sending Mandy a message.)

Mandy and I met up at a Starbucks, and I quickly tucked the Elmo bow away for Christmas, but as soon as my little girl saw the turkey bow she wanted it in her hair.  I clipped it in, and she turned around grinning and gazing at herself in the window.  What a GIRL!  Watching her face light up and being so excited to find such a perfect product for my little girl handmade close to home launched the idea for this series.  I knew there had to be other moms like Mandy who make and sell products that would be of interest to families like mine.

So naturally, I have to begin my feature posts series with the business that inspired the idea…Jaszy Jewels Bowtique!  For each feature post I will share an interview with the mom who runs the business and pics of their products.  You can click on the blue title to be taken directly to their websites for ordering.

Jaszy Jewels Bowtique

1.  The bows you make are so sweet!  What prompted you to decide to start Jaszy Jewels Bowtique?

I began my bow journey about 2 years ago when I kept seeing all these adorable bows and I thought to myself, I bet I can make those! I researched different tutorials and began my attempt at bow making. I initially thought I would just make a few but that soon turned into 100 + bows.  People were always coming up to me asking where I got them and I would tell them I made them, their response to me was “you should sell them.”  So about two months ago I thought I would give it a try, so I set up a shop on Facebook and have been attending a few craft shows as well.

2.  What is the most rewarding part of selling your creations?

The most rewarding part is the excitement on a child’s face when they see their favorite princess, cartoon character or colors, and they just have to have it!  One hard part I have found is that my 4yr old doesn’t always like mommy selling them, she wants to keep them all!

3.  Do you have a favorite bow that you make?  What are the most popular ones you sell?

It is hard to pick one favorite for I tend to make all of them just a little different than the next, unless otherwise requested.

4.  How old are your kids?  How do you balance being a mom and running Jaszy Jewels Bowtique?

I have 3 children, 2girls ages 7 and 4 and a son age 2.  Juggling life in general is tough but it’s a lot easier with a supportive husband and children who like to help.  Creating each bow is a enjoyable and relaxing past time for me. I usually sit down once the children are in bed and allow the creative juices to flow.

5.  How can readers view more products and submit order?

Readers can come visit my page on Facebook and make sure you ” like” us so you can see all the latest creations.  All contact information will be there.

5.  When do orders need to be submitted to be guaranteed to be ready in time for Christmas?

All the bows posted on my site I have for immediate availability.  For custom orders I would allow for a week to week and a half especially if I need to order a special ribbon in.

I am hoping to start a new trend of having play date bow parties where a group of moms can get together for their play dates at a destination of their choosing, and I can come with my displays of bows for purchase. Beforehand I can take requests for certain characters, designs, colors etc. that way they can be available at the time of playdate.  I’m hoping this idea takes off, I think it would be a great way for adults and children alike to meet new people and enjoy a great afternoon.  Please contact me if you are interested at

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Mom-Owned Businesses in the South Hills

I am SO EXCITED for my new series, which will be showcasing businesses run by moms right here in the South Hills!

Today I published a Mom-Owned Business Directory and over the next couple of weeks I will be doing feature posts on several of these businesses to showcase the unique products these ladies create.  All the products I’ve seen have been beautiful, creative, and high quality, and would make excellent gifts for friends and family members.  Plus, many ladies create products to order, so creating a personal, customized gift is an easy option!

Here is a small sample of some of the products available from moms in the directory:

The directory also includes contact information for moms who are consultants for companies like Origami Owl, Thirty-One, and Scentsy.  There’s also a section for photographers.

If you are a mom in the South Hills who has a business, or know of a mom in the South Hills who has a business, I’d be happy to add your contact info to the directory.  You may email me at or send me a message on Facebook!

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Trick or Treat Times

Can you believe that Halloween is only two weeks away???  Maybe its the 70+ degree weather we’ve been enjoying, but I’m just not quite ready!  But the calendar says it’s true, so I’ve been going through the motions of preparing costumes and buying Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters anyway.

WTAE posted their list of Halloween trick-or-treat times for communities in the Pittsburgh area yesterday afternoon.  I’ve compiled the South Hills communities below (and added a few that were missing!):

  • Baldwin Borough 6-8pm
  • Baldwin Township 5:30-7:30pm
  • Bethel Park 6-8pm*
  • Brentwood 6-8pm
  • Bridgeville 6-8pm
  • Canonsburg 6-8pm
  • Carnegie 6-8pm
  • Castle Shannon 6-8pm
  • Cecil Township 6-7:30pm
  • Dormont 6-8pm
  • Jefferson Hills 6-8pm
  • Mt. Lebanon 6-8pm
  • Peters Township 6-8pm*
  • Pleasant Hills 6-8pm
  • South Park 6-8pm*
  • Upper St. Clair 6-8pm
  • Whitehall Borough 6-8pm

*I couldn’t find 2013 times listed for some communities, but listed times found from previous years. 

Several communities are also hosting Halloween parades or parties…check this list out to see if there’s one near you!  (Click the community name for more info.)

And if you want to maximize your candy collection…or maybe get as many uses as possible out of your kids’ costumes…check out these additional trick-or-treating opportunities:

  • Century III Mall Trick or Treat – October 24, 6-8pm
  • South Hills Village Trick or Treat – October 29th, 6pm
  • South Park Shops Annual Halloween Spooktacular – October 26th, 1-3pm
  • The Waterfront Trick or Treat – October 29th, 6-8pm

I hope there’s something for your family to enjoy!

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