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Lilliput Towne Center

on January 1, 2014

A few weeks ago we visited Lilliput Towne Center with some friends.  I’ve always noticed the storefront (located in the same shopping plaza as Panera in McMurray, right off of 19), but I had NO IDEA until recently that there was an indoor play area for children!  So we set up a playdate to check it out.

Oh my gosh…this place is the cutest!  It’s set up like a mini town, with play stores and shops for children to explore and make believe.  There’s a grocery store with play food and a cash register, which my son enjoyed since he could easily knock food off shelves and remove fruit from their baskets.

My daughter and her buddies LOVED the salon, where they dressed up in dresses and took turns doing each others’ hair in the salon chair.

Fire Station

Another favorite was the fire station, which had a play fire truck the little ones loved “driving” as well as a long hose to unravel and fireman coats and hats, to really look the part!

There was also a post office with a mail box to deposit mail into, a garage with a car and gas pump, an ice cream shop with pretend tasty treats, and a doctor’s office to make pretend boo boos all better!


In the center of the “town” is a trolley with a slide inside.

My kids happily played here for a couple of hours until it was time to leave.  Next time I will plan ahead for lunch; there is an eating area at the back of the store for families to enjoy lunch or a snack (food and drink must remain back on this tiled floor area).

I would recommend Lilliput mainly for kids who are 18 months and older.  That’s not to say that younger toddlers and babies wouldn’t enjoy it, but that’s the age that I noticed my daughter really starting to enjoy pretend play.  My son enjoyed “driving” the fire truck and car, rolling the play oranges around like balls, and pulling himself up to look in the different windows of the “stores,” but he didn’t truly appreciate all Lilliput had to offer.  My daughter and her friends ranged in ages from 18 months to almost 3 years old, and they all really enjoyed and appreciated their playdate here.

The rate for a day of play is $10 for the first child, $6 for any siblings, and non-walking infants are free (with a paying child).  The hours are 9:30-4pm, Monday-Friday.  Call for weekend hours; they offer play time on weekends if no birthday parties are booked.  (Oh yeah, they have BIRTHDAY PARTIES here, too!)


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