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Mom-Owned Business – Brittny Creates

on December 3, 2013

I’ve had so much fun featuring local mom-owned businesses on my blog.  This will be the last feature post for Christmas, but I will occasionally feature other businesses throughout the year.  The directory will be updated continually, though, so please continue to submit businesses for that!

Today’s mom-owned business is Brittny Creates.  Brittny is a Stampin’ Up consultant, and creates fun and unique cards, party invitations, and so much more.  I really love Stampin’ Up products and the versatile projects that can be created with them, and I think Brittny’s work is exceptional!

Brittny Creates

How did you get started with Stampin Up?

I was pregnant with my first son and wanted to find something I could do that would make some extra cash while I stayed at home when he was born.  I don’t even remember how I found Stampin’ Up! but I did and couldn’t have been happier!
What’s the most rewarding part of selling your creations?
Cards and gifts are given all the time for different occasions.  It’s so much better when you get a response from someone when they realize it’s a handmade creation.  The person just seems to appreciate it more knowing that you spent your time and effort on what you are giving them!
What’s your favorite kind of product to create?
I love making things that require more than one project.  For example, I’ve begun to get in to making invitations, thank you notes, décor, etc for birthday parties and other events.  I just love to take a theme and show different things you can do with our products!  I also love making treats to send my kids to school for their friends and teachers.
How old are your kids?  How do you balance your business with family life?
DJ is 4 and Cameron is 2.  My husband is a big help when it comes to running my business with family life.  I make a calendar 3 months in advance to schedule for available dates that I can have a party at nights and weekends.  We coordinate those dates so he is aware then I work on filling those dates.  We also plan family days that I do not work on my business at all.  This keeps us all happy!!

How can readers view more products and submit orders?

My website to place orders is  (You will need to click on Shop Now under the Products tab) You can also find the classes that I teach as well as available dates for parties at this site.
I also have a blog that I try to stay up to date but have been falling behind on and that’s my new year’s resolution for my business is to stay up to date on the blog.  There I show examples with pictures and directions how I make the project.  The site is
Facebook is another tool that I use daily with my business.  Like my page at

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