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Mom-Owned Business – Itty Bitty Heart Creations

on November 29, 2013

This mother-daughter duo creates customized clothing and accessories for the special little ones in our lives!

Itty Bitty Heart Creations


What made you decide to Itty Bitty Heart Creations?

In December 2012 I was going stir crazy from quitting my full time job in November because our son was very ill.  I talked my mom into starting the business together.  She had owned a wearable arts business when I was young.

Do you have a favorite product that you create?

Because I have two boys I love doing girly birthday outfits, but we really do enjoy making boy shirts because as a mom of boys I know how cute stuff for boys can be hard to find.

How old are your kids?  How do you balance your business with family?

My boys are Nate, 2 (finalized his adotion last week :)))and Brody, 2.5. We are also expecting a little girl in February and then my mom has me and my 30 yr old brother. We work a lot during my kids’ nap time and at night after they go to bed.

How can readers view more products and submit orders? or

When should orders be submitted in order to be ready by Christmas?

To guarantee Christmas delivery, orders should be submitted by Dec 15.


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