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Mom-Owned Business – Budget Blossoms by Jilliann

on November 26, 2013

Today’s featured business is Budget Blossoms by Jillian.  I love Jillian’s story and her work is stunning!  Make sure you “like” her Facebook page for upcoming holiday promotions.

Budget Blossoms by Jilliann

What made you decide to start Budget Blossoms by Jilliann?

I decided to start the business when I was laid off by my employer of 10 years. I was 9 months pregnant and had never been able to stay at home with any of my boys. I worked as a Human Resources Director for a large company and was pretty burnt out. I had done some floral deign work in High School and college and did the occasional wedding for a family member and always loved it. I decided to try and get some weddings… the first year I had maybe 5, the second year I had 20 or so and I have almost 50 booked in 2014!

I decided to go the budget way of doing flowers because I remember  getting quotes for my flowers back in 2000, and being totally shell shocked by the costs.  Every Bride deserves flowers.  I love trying to come up with a plan for someone who is on a tight budget and seeing her relief and joy that she will have something beautiful.  And I love working on the huge weddings and hearing that I came in $2000 less than the other local florists! 

Do you have a favorite product that you create?

My favorite product by far is the Bridal bouquet. I love getting pictures of the bride’s dress ahead of time and pictures of what she loves. The night before when I am working on her bouquet, I imagine her holding it. I love buying the perfect ribbon, pearls and  bling to make it spectacular.  I pride myself on being totally unique and artistic.

How old are your kids?  How do you balance your business with family?

 I have 4 sons! Mitchell is 11 and in 6th grade at Jefferson Middle School in Mt. Lebanon, Owen is 8 and in 3rd grade at Lincoln Elementary, Patrick is 6 and in first grade and Collin is 2. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard! I get caught up with emailing brides, looking for inspiration pictures and ordering and then I’ll look up and see that half of the day is gone. I started telling myself that my boys will only be this young once and I am really trying to slow down and spend time with each of them, kind of taking mental pictures along the way. Fridays and Saturdays are crazy, but it’s a thrilling craziness that is over the minute you deliver or set up the last arrangement. My husband is an Architect at a local firm and he is also busy but we work together to make sure that the boys get to swimming, boy scouts, soccer, haha, it’s never ending. He’s my biggest supporter. We’ve been married for 13 years and I could not be doing this with out him. I also have wonderful female cousins who pitch in and make my Saturdays easier!

How can readers view more products and submit orders?

People can like my Facebook page to see my work along the way and I will be posting pictures of available Holiday arrangements. My website is and I can be reached through there or at

When should orders be submitted in order to be ready by Christmas?

I can do arrangements with 2 days notice!


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