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Origami Owl Promotion

on November 25, 2013

I am so excited for today’s post, which is a promotion brought to South Hills Mom Blog readers from Kristin at Origami Owl.

Origami Owl

If you aren’t familiar with Origami Owl, it is a unique jewelry line that allows you to create customizable necklaces and bracelets to have a personalized product that is meaningful to you!  Their Living Lockets are not only customizable, but you can change the charms inside the lockets as desired, so you can have a new product as often as you’d like.  (It’s a great option for families that are still growing; you can always add on elements for a new member of the family!)  The Tagged line offers inspirational tags (“believe,” “Namaste,” “hope,” etc.) as well as accents like crystals or initials to create a one-of-a-kind look.


Kristin has graciously offered to host an online catalog party for South Hills Mom Blog readers.  The online parties are easy to navigate; you click on the party’s link, here, and create a piece of jewelry that you love.  Typically the hostess earns rewards based on the sales her party brings in, but in this case Kristin will be raffling off $40 of Hoot Loot to someone who places an order!  Online orders will be accepted until Dec. 9th, at which point Kristin will randomly select an order to win the Hoot Loot.  The Hoot Loot will be $40 worth of merchandise credit the winner can select to add on to their order.  It’s a great opportunity to create an entirely new piece of jewelry for someone on your shopping list, or add charms and add-ons to the piece you already created.  Thank you so much, Kristin!!

Again, the party’s link is here, and orders will be accepted until December 9th.  Happy shopping!


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