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Mom-Owned Business – Doodle Butt Diapers

on November 21, 2013

For an attractive, affordable, and sustainable option to disposable diapers, check out Doodle Butt Diapers!

Doodle Butt Diapers

How did you get started with Doodle Butt Diapers?

I was introduced to cloth diapers by a girlfriend and I couldn’t be more grateful. My son has terrible skin allergies to a lot of the chemicals and fragrances that you find in disposables, and I had been told that going cloth could really help. We were spending over $100 every month on diapers and we just couldn’t do it anymore. So, I started sewing and couldn’t stop! I actually drew my first pattern on the blank side of wrapping paper, and after 8 alterations I ended up with something I thought was really great! My friends and family saw what I was doing and helped to provide me with the confidence I needed to put myself, and my creations out there. My son is my Doodle Butt and my inspiration, and I’m happy to say he has been rash free since we went cloth.

What’s the most rewarding part of selling your creations? Do you have a favorite product/pattern that you create?

The most rewarding part of selling my creations has to be that I know I’m sending people a quality product that at one point in my day received all of my love and attention. When something is made with that kind of care, I think you feel really good about your purchase. As far as having favorites, I live in a house full of boys, trucks and dinosaurs, so I definitely enjoy my feminine print All-in-One diapers!

How old are your kids? How do you balance your business with family life?

My son is almost 2 ½ years old and he is a funny little guy! I am a stay at home mom in conjunction with operating my business. I definitely don’t balance it all on my own, my family and friends provide me with a lot of helping hands. Whether it’s my husband coming home from his work and immediately allowing me to get back to mine, or my mom taking my son to the library for a few hours, I get a lot of help. I sew during naptime and bedtime, and any time I can in between! If I’m being honest, finding the balance is really hard, but I have the best people around me helping me keep all the balls in the air.

How can readers view more products and submit orders?

The best place to see and order Doodle Butt products is on the website To stay up to date on all of our sales and specials, our Facebook page is the best resource. For all my local Pittsburghers, you can contact me at to place a local order if you would rather pick up your diapers then have them shipped.

When should orders be submitted in order to be fulfilled by Christmas?

To make sure you receive your order by December 23rd (I will not be doing business on the 24th or 25th) you need to have your order placed by December 10th.  Anything after the 10th will not be guaranteed to be ready by Christmas, but as always, contact me to see what production time is looking like and if I can make it work.


One response to “Mom-Owned Business – Doodle Butt Diapers

  1. Alisa Krapp says:

    Your work is adorable!! I sent your site to a friend of mine 🙂

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