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Mom-Owned Business – Jaszy Jewels Bowtique

on November 19, 2013

I first heard about Mandy and Jaszy Jewels Bowtique through a mutual friend.  I clicked her Facebook page and scrolled through all the different styles of bows (any of which would be adorable on my little girl’s head) until I came to THE BOW we had to have…an ELMO bow!  Like many toddlers, my little one loves that furry red monster, so I knew we just had to have it.  I also loved the turkey bow Mandy makes, so I added that to our order as well.  (The bows on Facebook are available immediately; I checked and Elmo isn’t there so if you are interested in an Elmo bow it will need to be specially ordered by sending Mandy a message.)

Mandy and I met up at a Starbucks, and I quickly tucked the Elmo bow away for Christmas, but as soon as my little girl saw the turkey bow she wanted it in her hair.  I clipped it in, and she turned around grinning and gazing at herself in the window.  What a GIRL!  Watching her face light up and being so excited to find such a perfect product for my little girl handmade close to home launched the idea for this series.  I knew there had to be other moms like Mandy who make and sell products that would be of interest to families like mine.

So naturally, I have to begin my feature posts series with the business that inspired the idea…Jaszy Jewels Bowtique!  For each feature post I will share an interview with the mom who runs the business and pics of their products.  You can click on the blue title to be taken directly to their websites for ordering.

Jaszy Jewels Bowtique

1.  The bows you make are so sweet!  What prompted you to decide to start Jaszy Jewels Bowtique?

I began my bow journey about 2 years ago when I kept seeing all these adorable bows and I thought to myself, I bet I can make those! I researched different tutorials and began my attempt at bow making. I initially thought I would just make a few but that soon turned into 100 + bows.  People were always coming up to me asking where I got them and I would tell them I made them, their response to me was “you should sell them.”  So about two months ago I thought I would give it a try, so I set up a shop on Facebook and have been attending a few craft shows as well.

2.  What is the most rewarding part of selling your creations?

The most rewarding part is the excitement on a child’s face when they see their favorite princess, cartoon character or colors, and they just have to have it!  One hard part I have found is that my 4yr old doesn’t always like mommy selling them, she wants to keep them all!

3.  Do you have a favorite bow that you make?  What are the most popular ones you sell?

It is hard to pick one favorite for I tend to make all of them just a little different than the next, unless otherwise requested.

4.  How old are your kids?  How do you balance being a mom and running Jaszy Jewels Bowtique?

I have 3 children, 2girls ages 7 and 4 and a son age 2.  Juggling life in general is tough but it’s a lot easier with a supportive husband and children who like to help.  Creating each bow is a enjoyable and relaxing past time for me. I usually sit down once the children are in bed and allow the creative juices to flow.

5.  How can readers view more products and submit order?

Readers can come visit my page on Facebook and make sure you ” like” us so you can see all the latest creations.  All contact information will be there.

5.  When do orders need to be submitted to be guaranteed to be ready in time for Christmas?

All the bows posted on my site I have for immediate availability.  For custom orders I would allow for a week to week and a half especially if I need to order a special ribbon in.

I am hoping to start a new trend of having play date bow parties where a group of moms can get together for their play dates at a destination of their choosing, and I can come with my displays of bows for purchase. Beforehand I can take requests for certain characters, designs, colors etc. that way they can be available at the time of playdate.  I’m hoping this idea takes off, I think it would be a great way for adults and children alike to meet new people and enjoy a great afternoon.  Please contact me if you are interested at


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