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MOMS Club of South Hills Open House

on October 21, 2013


I’ve mentioned the moms’ club I belong to a number of times in my posts, and I wanted to elaborate a little more on the club today in anticipation of our Open House this Friday.

I joined the MOMS Club of South Hills about a year ago and it has become such a source of support for me.  I am lucky enough to live near family, but I was missing the support that comes from those who are going through the same things you’re going through on a daily basis.  I looked up a number of moms’ clubs in the area and decided to check out this club…and I’m so glad I did!

Our club has a monthly calendar with daily activities that you may choose to participate in.  The activities are anything from playdates in members’ home to trips to the Aviary to park picnics or even fire station tours.  We also have monthly meetings to make decisions about how our club should be run and themed monthly parties.  We have family activities on the weekends, afternoon and evening events, and a monthly moms night out!  There is no requirement for attending events – you attend the ones that interest you and fit your schedule.

I joined because I wanted to make new friends and because my daughter loved being around other kids.  The calendar took the guesswork out of planning what to do everyday and many of the places I write about on my blog came from experiences we had with this group.

What I wasn’t expecting was the second family these women would become.  I joined in my third trimester of my pregnancy with my son…and gave birth within a month of 5 other moms!  One mom and I were in labor at the same time, and delivered our sons right down the hall from each other at Magee.  For most of us this was our second child, and it was a huge advantage to have each other as a support system while we figured out how to be a mom to two little ones.  The moms who have done it before had great advice to offer…along with bringing dinner and offers to baby sit.

I also wasn’t expecting how quickly strong friendships would be formed and how quickly I would feel included and accepted into the group.  It is a group of women, after all, and I have found it challenging to make and sustain friendships in adulthood.  But this group is very accepting of others and embraces different experiences and perspectives.

The best part about the group, for me, is that it has helped me build my confidence as a mother and know that IT IS OKAY TO NOT DO IT ALL.  One mom can wake up in the morning and without even thinking twice whip up a quiche.  Another mom is so organized with craft projects with her daughter she could put local preschools to shame.  One woman is my resource for breastfeeding, one gave me the best chili recipe I’ve ever tasted, one threw an amazing wine tasting party JUST when I needed it, and another encouraged me to train for and run my first 5k.  Everyone has a strength, but rather than compete, we share our strengths with each other to benefit us all.  It is an AMAZING group of women to know, and my life is richer because of them.

This Friday, October 25th, at 11:00 is our Open House at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Brentwood.  It is a Halloween party, so feel free to dress your kiddos up in their costumes (or not, that’s fine, too!) and come check us out.  For more information check out the link to the flyer below, or email Kelly at

MOMS Club open house flyer 2013



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