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Fall Festival at Trax Farm

on September 30, 2013

This weekend, as we have for many years now, our family headed to Trax Farm for their annual Fall Festival.

The thing we love about Trax is that there is something for everyone.  All year round the market has fresh produce, local honey, farm-made sauces and salsas, and an old-time candy section that my husband and I visit when we want to feel nostalgic (remember those candy buttons???).  They sell wine, baked goods, and ice cream.  Kettle corn, coffee, and fried green beans.  There is something for every taste, every age, and every craving.

There’s also an antique store above the market where we’ve scored some good finds.  Plus the home and garden section of Trax rivals any gift store I’ve ever been in.  You can decorate your nursery, Christmas tree, and front porch to Martha Stewart’s standards with the goods you’ll find here.

So when fall rolls around we giddily await the piles of pumpkins, the wooden painted pumpkin board you can stick your head through for a funny picture, the colorful mums and all the sweet smells and tastes of the Fall Festival at Trax.

With two tiny ones, we really enjoy the petting zoo, the train, the food, and the cute, cute, CUTE photo ops of our little ones climbing in the pumpkins.  We haven’t tried a hay ride yet, but I see one in our near future.  Older kids would love the bounce house, pony rides, rock wall, corn maze, and the art activities.  Adults would love the food, the handmade wreaths, the fall flowers, and the niche products in the store and market.

We love kicking off fall with a trip to the Fall Festival at Trax, and visit the farm most weekends.  The official hours are 10am-5pm, but depending on your interests you can visit outside of these times as well.  We like to go after 5:00, when the crowds have calmed down, but you will miss out on a lot of the attractions and food if you go after festival hours.  The petting zoo animals usually stick around a little while longer, which is one of our favorite parts, and this is an excellent time to take pictures at a toddler’s pace.  Our other favorite time to visit is right at 10am on Sunday morning.  The attractions are all open, but the crowds haven’t poured in yet.  Even at the busiest, though, the Fall Festival is a fun, family-centered attraction that we look forward to every year!


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