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on September 17, 2013

We recently visited Snapology in Bethel Park.  We are so lucky to have this play center right in the South Hills!  I recently included it on a guest blog at The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog as one of the top ten places to take your kids in the South Hills.  It’s worth checking out!

Snapology is located at 70 Fort Couch Road, in between McDonalds and GetGo.  The center is on the second floor of the building and is accessible by stairs only (so no strollers…I carried my little guy up in a sling).  The Discovery Center is open for Lego Lab (free time to explore the materials) the following hours:

  • Monday 10am-2pm
  • Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm
  • Wednesday 10am-2pm and 5:30-7:30pm
  • Friday 10am-2pm
  • Saturday 12-5pm

The cost is $8/hour to play.

The Discovery Center consists of DSC06037three rooms for kids to play in and explore.  The first room you see upon entering has a Duplo train table – complete with dinosaurs and airplanes!  This was pretty exciting, as it combined two of my daughter’s favorite things – blocks and trains.  After pretending to be shy for about 45 seconds, she got down to business and played with the train for a few minutes before setting off to explore the rest of the facility.

Next we checked out a room that I think my husband would never want to leave!  Future inventors, engineers, or architects are BORN here.  We watched a Ferris Wheel made of K’Nex spin for us, which really enchanted my daughter.  In this room there are three different Lego tables, a station with K’Nex pieces, a ramp to try out cars you can build, a wall with Lego boards so you can actually build on the wall, and so much more.  The Ferris Wheel was a hit, but my daughter really enjoyed the ramp in this room.  She pushed the car up the ramp, saying “beep beep, choo choo” (because everything says choo choo these days), then laughed when she let it go and it would roll down the ramp again.

The third room was my favorite, and definitely the most age-appropriate for my children.  There were tons of Duplo sets, including a farm and a set to build Bert and Ernie!  There were also large blocks that were perfect for my 8 month old to bang together and crawl over.  There was a table with different kinds of blocks to play with, including a magnet board with shape magnets that my daughter really enjoyed.  In this room there was a Duplo wall, a Wii with Lego games, a bookshelf with idea books (and just regular books), a magnet wall with gears and animal building magnets…and just so much more.  Plus the center manager brought out Bristle blocks, which I haven’t seen in about 20 years, and my kids both LOVED them.  They both sat and played with them contentedly.

I was so impressed with how engaged my kids were with the materials.  Even though they are very young, each of them fully enjoyed our time at Snapology.  My 8 month old enjoyed the Duplo dinosaurs, the large blocks, and being able to crawl around and explore at his own pace.  My daughter enjoyed interacting with different kinds of materials, having the freedom and encouragement to explore and touch everything in the center, and sending the car down the ramp over and over again.

In addition to Lego Lab, Snapology also offers more structured activities, too.  They have themed classes, Lego League, and have a curriculum they can take into schools to enhance student learning.  I used to teach first grade and got to see the kits for kindergarten-2nd graders, and I know my students would have really enjoyed them.  I really enjoyed speaking with the staff at Snapology and you can tell how excited they are about the hands-on learning experiences kids get when they use materials in this way!  The center also hosts birthday parties, or you can have Snapology bring the entertainment for a party in your home, too.

The South Hills Snapology is growing and expanding, so check back in late fall for an exciting update!


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  1. […] Snapology – For the block-lovers out there, play time in the Discovery Center is made even better with cake and presents in the party room!  **If you’re having an in-home party and looking for entertainment, Snapology will bring the party to you!**  (Read how much we love Snapology here.) […]

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