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Round Hill Park

on September 12, 2013

Our family recently took a trip out to Round Hill Park.  Round Hill Park is an Allegheny County Park in Elizabeth, PA, and is about a half hour drive from our home in Bethel Park.  This park has so much to offer, and is well worth the drive!

Round Hill Park is probably most known for its exhibit farm.  DSC05791The farm is a real, working farm, with real, working farmers taking care of the animals and the grounds during your visit.  You are welcome to walk around the grounds, into the barns, and right up to the pasture fences.  You can get up close and personal with turkeys, chickens, goats, cows, rabbits, donkeys, pigs, horses, and sheep.

We had so many favorite moments – meeting horse named John who is a retired police horse, watching the pigs play in their pen, walking right up to the fence by where the sheep were grazing… The animals are close enough to touch – though there are signs reminding visitors that animals do bite, so please watch out for those little fingers.  Please also note that the animals are fed a special diet, and visitors are not allowed to feed the animals.  In addition to the animals on the farm, there is also a greenhouse, an outdoor garden, an herb garden, and an herb drying shed.  This is our second year of having a garden at our home, and we got some new ideas to try next year.  Plus, my daughter enjoys working with us in the garden, so she was very happy and comfortable walking through the herb garden.

Isn’t it beautiful???  The best part was that it was fun for all of us.  My husband and I loved seeing the animals and the garden, our daughter loved running all around and saying the animals names and their noises, and even my 8 month had wide eyes and laughed when the pigs were being silly!

There is also a pond near the parking lot with plenty of ducks and geese, so if you feel the need to feed some farm animals they will gladly oblige!

The park has more than just the farm, though.  In the summer months there is a farm-themed spray park for kids to cool off in and there’s a large playground that is identical to the black and yellow playground in South Park (a favorite of kids in our area!).  There are picnic tables and pavilions everywhere, and the farm has restroom facilities as well.  We didn’t get to check out any walking trails, but saw lots of people out walking their dogs, so we imagine there must be trails.

This is a new favorite spot that our family plans to return to again and again.  We can’t wait to see the baby animals in the spring time!


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