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Wiltshire Park, Upper St. Clair

on August 31, 2013

For the last day of my “playground-a-day” series, I knew from the beginning I would have to include Wiltshire Park.  It is our go-to park, whether we have 10 minutes or an hour to play.  It is the first playground we took our daughter to last year when she was a baby, so it is a very special spot for our family.  This playground is the perfect one to wrap up this project!

Wiltshire Park, Wiltshire Drive, Upper St. Clair

Wiltshire Park, Upper St. Clair

Wiltshire Park is beautiful, with tall trees and a shallow creek.  There is a paved walking path that winds through the park, with bridges to cross over the creek.  The beautiful setting combined with all the amenities you could want in a playground makes this a favorite spot for families in the area.

This park features:

  • a basketball court and roller hockey court
  • a swing set with two regular swings and two infant swings
  • a zip slide
  • a merry-go-round
  • a play structure with low climbing platforms, ladders, a bridge, and five slides (one short double, one tunnel, one bumpy, one twisting, and one tall double)
  • a monkey bar area
  • a seal spray fountain
  • a sandbox
  • a picnic pavilion
  • a parking lot

My thoughts on this playground:

  • My eight month old loves it here.  He enjoys swinging with his sister and strolling along the walking path.  5 out of 5 stars from him.
  • My toddler also loves it here.  She enjoys swinging here – it’s always our first stop!  She recently discovered the merry-go-round, which excites her.  She is a little intimidated by the seal, since it sprays water directly at the kids when they play, but she loves the sandbox (which always has some abandoned toys to play with).  The play structure is nice and safe, so none of it is “off limits” to her.  She likes running over the bridge and trying out the different slides.  5 out of 5 stars from her.
  • I love this park for all the reasons why my kids do.  Plus, it’s partially shaded because of all the trees, so it’s easy to get a break from the sun.  The paved hockey court is often used by toddlers on ride on toys, which is a great idea since kids can play freely and safely enclosed in the fence.  The only drawbacks are that there are no restrooms and there is no paved path to get a stroller up the hill to the play area, so I have to push the double stroller up a grassy hill.  (There is a paved path, but you have to leave the park, go up the hill on Wiltshire Drive, and enter the park from the top, which would take about 5 minutes and I haven’t been able to convince my toddler to let me do that yet.)  I really like that the water and sand features are off to the side, so it’s very easy to avoid them if getting wet and/or sandy isn’t part of your plan.  I would give this playground 5 out of 5 stars, and we will continue to visit it regularly!



2 responses to “Wiltshire Park, Upper St. Clair

  1. Beth McClelland says:

    It’s a SEAL!!

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