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Upper St. Clair Municipal Park, Upper St. Clair

on August 21, 2013

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again:  Upper St. Clair parks never disappoint.  The playground at their municipal building is one of the best playgrounds in the area, and so conveniently located, right off of Route 19.  It’s a beautiful fenced in space with something for all ages!

Upper St. Clair Municipal Park, 1820 McLaughlin Run Road, Upper St. Clair

USC Municipal Park

This is a nice, new, artfully designed playground.  There is a toddler play structure and a much larger play structure for bigger kids.  There’s also a free-standing rock structure with an opening to crawl through, and I’ve seen kiddos climbing all over it before, too.  I like to visit the parks when they are empty so I can take pictures, and haven’t been able to get to this park without it being full of kids playing.  We were able to find it empty only when we went in between the raindrops early on a Monday morning!

This playground features:

  • a toddler play structure with multiple low entry points, including two different kinds of rock walls
  • two slides on the toddler play structure
  • a tunnel on the toddler play structure
  • a larger two-level play structure with tons of entry points (rock wall, ladders, etc.)
  • three slides on the larger play structure
  • a bridge on the larger structure
  • monkey bars
  • swing set with two regular swings and two infant swings
  • lots of benches
  • spacious parking lot

My thoughts on this playground:

  • It had infant swings…5 out of 5 stars from my seven month old.
  • The toddler structure was engaging for my toddler!  The two different rock walls were interesting to her and she liked crawling through the tunnel.  She was very interested in the larger play structure, and by design it kept her away from the areas that were too mature for her.  (Those areas were accessible through much more advanced ladder-climbing than she is capable of.)  I think she was too excited to even notice the rock feature, which I thought would interest her greatly.  5 out of 5 stars from her.
  • There is something for kids of all ages at this park.  Every time we come kids are running, playing, pretending, and having a blast.  It makes me happy to see such a great space being utilized by so many kids.  This is one of the playgrounds that even if it’s not in your neck of the woods it would be worth your time to drive to!  There are no bathrooms on the playground, but I would imagine the municipal building has them inside.  5 out of 5 stars for us, and we will continue to visit this playground regularly.

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