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North Strabane Municipal Park, Canonsburg

on August 19, 2013

I know I’m stretching the boundaries of the “South Hills” by including this park in Canonsburg, but I can’t help it – this park is ridiculously nice.  And even though it’s in Washington County, it’s very accessible from I-79 or Route 19.  (I got on 79 in Bridgeville and parked at the playground 15 min later.)  It’s also right down the road from the Tanger Outlets, so maybe South Hills families could combine shopping and play in one big outing.  Basically, it’s worth the trip!

North Strabane Municipal Park, Township Lane, Canonsburg

North Strabane Park

This is a brand new park, just over a year old.  It’s a beautiful park with athletic fields, walking trails, and several covered picnic pavilions.  It’s wonderfully maintained; I saw maintenance at work when we were playing and the evidence of the care is everywhere.  There are beautiful hanging flower baskets at each corner of every picnic pavilion, the multiple hand sanitizer stations were well-stocked, and the restrooms were clean and stocked, too (and even have a baby changing station).  I’m glad I found this park and we will visit it frequently.

This park features:

  • a three-piece train, perfect for toddler play (engine = a slide, middle car = a tunnel, caboose = table with benches)
  • a toddler playground structure with low climbing platforms, steering wheel, moveable clock, and slide
  • a large playground structure with rock wall, climbing nets, monkey bars, three slides (one twisting, one bumpy, one low and wide), a curved ladder, fireman’s pole, low climbing platforms, and more
  • tons of parking
  • covered picnic pavilions and tables by snack bars
  • full restroom facilities

My thoughts on this playground:

  • There are no swings, but my seven month old enjoyed crawling through the tunnel of the train.  I can’t wait to bring him back when he’s walking!  He would probably give this 4 out of 5 stars, because he enjoyed what he was able to do (but it wasn’t much).
  • My toddler LOVED this playground.  We visited the train first, and she systematically worked her way through each car.  She “choo choo”-ed when she stood at the top of the slide in the engine part, which was particularly precious.  She visited the toddler area a little bit, enough to steer the wheel and slide down the slide.  She was very impressed with the larger playground structure, climbing all the way up and sliding down the tall bumpy slide.  She tested her boundaries with the fireman’s pole, but I was able to nip that idea in the bud.  She would give this playground 5 out of 5 stars.
  • If you couldn’t tell already, I adore this playground.  It’s so well-designed for all ages (except non-walkers, but even the train could work with help and supervision).  When my toddler was being bold I was able to safely monitor her from the ground, as there aren’t many openings that she could fall down.  We didn’t get to walk around the walking trails because it started to sprinkle, but I can’t wait to explore this park more.  I would give it 5 out of 5 stars, and we will be back soon.

2 responses to “North Strabane Municipal Park, Canonsburg

  1. April Robbins says:

    This review reminds me of War Memorial Park in Sewickley. A bit of a hike from South Hills but worth it. They have the same train and a lot more including swings. Check it out.

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