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Cook School Park, Bridgeville

on August 14, 2013

We visited Cook School Park on a sunny and warm/cloudy and rainy/unseasonably chilly day…you know, a typical end of summer Pittsburgh day!  You know the joke, “Don’t like the weather we’re having?  Wait 20 minutes.”  I feel like that pretty much sums up the past two days!  I don’t mind the cooler weather, but it does make dressing my kids for the day a little more difficult.

Cook School Park, Intersection of Cook School and Ridge Roads, Bridgeville

Cook School Playground, Bridgeville

I love the bright colors of this playground.  After visiting so many neighborhood playgrounds decked out in green and tan, the bright teal and purple was a nice change of pace!  This playground had more than just fun colors to offer.

This playground features:

  • a toddler play structure with three slides, low climbing platforms, a tunnel and spinning number board.
  • a larger play structure, with steps going through a purple dragon, three slides (one straight and short, one double, and one TRIPLE), monkey bars, a sliding pole, and a spinning log.
  • two swing sets; one with six regular swings, one with three infant swings
  • a basketball court and baseball field
  • a covered picnic pavilion
  • full restroom facilities
  • a spacious parking lot

My thoughts on this playground:

  • My seven month old enjoyed the swings.  These swings were very low to the ground and my daughter was able to push him, which delighted both of them.  5 out of 5 stars from him!
  • My daughter enjoyed the toddler play area.  It was pretty elaborate, with lots of different parts for her to explore.  The larger play structure was toddler-accessible, too.  She enjoyed climbing up the dragon and sliding down the double slide.  And she loved swinging in and pushing those swings!  5 out of 5 stars from her, too.
  • I thought it was a nice playground, geared to all ages.  This is one of the more impressive toddler play areas we’ve visited.  Overall the park needed a little more maintenance.  You could tell the grass had recently been cut and the bathrooms were clean enough, but the baseball field and basketball court were pretty neglected.  There was also a very inappropriate drawing on the face of the dragon.  My kids are too young to notice such things, but if your kids notice every detail around them and like to ask questions…be warned!  For that reason I would only give this playground 3 out of 5 stars.

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