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Old Trail Park, Peters Township

on August 12, 2013

I love driving down Bebout Road in Peters Township.  I love how right off of McMurray Road it starts out very residential, with beautifully maintained homes right off of the road.  I love how you passing under a pedestrian bridge for the Montour Trail – one that I’ve pushed my stroller over countless times.  And then I love how all of a sudden there’s open space…ponds…farms…  It’s so peaceful and feels like a breath of fresh air after spending time in the more developed suburbs.  Peters Township is certainly a growing community, and there are new housing plans popping up all over, but today’s playground was a special one mainly because of it’s idyllic, natural setting.

Old Trail Park, 199 Wyndtree Drive, Venetia

This park is nestled in the Old Trail neighborhood, right at the end of Wyndtree Drive.  You access the park through a driveway that unless you’re looking for it you would pass right by, designated only by the lack of a mailbox at the end of it.  At the end of a short driveway is a parking lot, and you’ve arrived at the park.

view from parking lot

Sooooo….where’s the playground?  I decided to “drop by” this playground after a two hour walk with some ladies from the MOMS Club of South Hills , and it was a hot and humid day so I wasn’t really in the mood to go exploring.  But here we were, and having promised my daughter a playground I knew we couldn’t turn back now.  So I strapped my little guy into his carrier and chased my toddler through the grass.  A short walk later (maybe 3 minutes?)  the trees cleared and I was rewarded with a “Wheeee!” from my little girl when she finally spotted the playground.

Old Trail Park, Peters Township


This playground features:

  • a climbing structure accessible by stairs, a curved ladder, or a rock wall
  • two slides; one twisting, one straight
  • twisting poles to navigate across
  • musical keys, with picture instructions on how to play some popular songs

My thoughts on this playground:

  • There weren’t any swings, but I did allow my seven month old to sit in the grass in the shade, which he enjoyed.  3 out of 5 stars for him.
  • My toddler liked the musical keys and she liked to sit on the spinning poles.  They really just swayed, more than spun, so I think she was a bit disappointed with their range of motion.  I think she thought it was like the spinning pole at Mt. Lebanon Main Park, which she loved.  Both slides were a little big for her, so she really just liked climbing up and walking around on the platforms.  I think her favorite part was the walk to the playground from the car, since she had open space to roam through.  She would probably also give this playground 3 out of 5 stars.  She wasn’t disappointed when it was time to go, and enjoyed the walk back to the car immensely.
  • I liked how the playground was really tucked away.  It really felt like we discovered a treasure when we found it!  I like the novel features, like the musical keys and the poles to walk across.  Overall, it is a nice playground if you’re nearby, but not one that you should travel to get to.  It would be a lovely place to plan a picnic because of how secluded it is!  But the playground is definitely designed for older children, so toddlers would get bored easily here.  Also, for my needs, it’s pretty impractical because I couldn’t bring my stroller and it was quite a distance from my car.  I would probably also give this playground 3 out of 5 stars.  Since it’s right down the street from Peterswood Park I don’t think we will return, but if you live nearby and want a change of scenery it would definitely serve that purpose!

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