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Peterswood Park, Part 1, Peters Township

on August 4, 2013

Peterswood Park is a large park that houses the Community Center, an outdoor amphitheater, several baseball and soccer fields, picnic pavilions, and three playgrounds.  On my to-do list is to venture out on the walking trail to see if it connects with the nearby Montour Trail.  We would visit this park daily (instead of merely on a weekly basis like we have been) if I could park at the trail parking near Farmhouse Coffee, walk the trail while sipping an iced latte, and access the playground without too much hassle.  Ahh, the dreams of a stay-at-home mom!

Peterswood Park, Mereidth Drive, Venetia

Peterswood Toddler Playground

Peterswood Park technically has three playgrounds, but I am going to group two of them together because they are right by each other.  I really consider them part of the same playground, just one side is for little kids and the other side is for bigger kids.  The playgrounds I’m reviewing today are all the way at the top of the hill in Peterswood Park.  There is a looping one-way driveway that circles the play areas.  This really is one of our favorite playgrounds and we’ve visited it at least once a week since our first visit early in the summer.

The toddler/preschool playground features:

  • two infant swings; one bucket and one plastic restraint
  • climbing apparatus accessible by low climbing platforms or a curved ladder
  • two slides, one double slide and one bumpy slide
  • a tunnel, shaped like a tiger’s mouth
  • two springy bouncers
  • a dinosaur for climbing on
  • a spinning globe

The bigger kid playground features:

  • four regular swings
  • a climbing apparatus, accessible by low climbing platforms, a rock wall, and a spiral climbing pole
  • two tunnel slides; one straight, one twisting
  • a zip line

This playground also features full restroom facilities and covered picnic pavilions.

My thoughts on this playground:

  • It has an infant swing for my 7 month old, and lots of shade for when he’s watching his sister play.  5 out of 5 stars from him!
  • My toddler runs from our car to this playground.  She love it!  There’s so much for her to do  here, and very little that she can’t do.  She can play freely on the littler playground, my only source of anxiety being when she goes near the ladder at the top of the platform by the slides.  She can climb and slide to her heart’s content.  She also likes going under the slide platform, where there is a mirrored bubble for her to giggle at the way her face looks in it, and a grooved maze for bigger kids to try to trace their way through with their fingers.  She loves the springy bouncers and climbs on the dinosaur.  She hasn’t even noticed the spinning globe, but maybe one day it will be her favorite thing.  On the bigger playground, she likes to yell into the tunnel slides and hear her echo.  She would give this playground a 5 out of 5, because there’s so much for her to do.
  • I really like this playground, too.  I like how the mature trees keep it shaded and cool.  (Though I wish there weren’t APPLE trees, so I didn’t have to keep the fallen fruit out of my kiddo’s mouth.)  I like how there are actual restroom facilities, not just port-a-potties.  I like how the parking lot loops all around and I can park right by the littler playground so that we don’t even have to cross the street to go play.  The toddler/preschool playground is cute and has features that we don’t have at other playgrounds we visit.  The springy whale is too cute, and there’s a voice amplifier that I can talk into from below the platform to my daughter when she’s on the platform.  The bigger playground is for bigger kids.  It’s not great for my one and a half year old, even though I do go on it with her when we’re there.  The upper platform has too many entry points for her to go up without me; she could easily fall off in a couple directions.  I think older kids would enjoy it very much, especially because of the zip line, which is a feature that many playgrounds don’t have.  I would give this playground 5 out of 5 stars because it has something for kids of all ages, and it’s easy to keep my little one away from the parts that are too mature for her.

I don’t know where this part belongs in my review, but I always meet the best people at this playground!  I know it’s a generalization, and not a feature of the playground since your experience could be different from mine, but the people at this playground are always really nice.  The first time I was there with my two little ones I almost left a sippy cup behind but a fellow mom ran it out to my car.  Today a man who was playing with his kids on the bigger playground came over to the toddler playground to dry off the slides with a towel he brought so my girl’s bum wouldn’t get wet.  There’s always been someone with sidewalk chalk to share, I once met a grandma from Scotland who doted lovingly on her granddaughter and all the other kids who were drawn to her, and I have always found it easy to strike up conversation with other parents at this park.  I don’t know what it is about this park, but for whatever reason I would rank it as the friendliest park we frequent!


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