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Morton Field Complex

on August 3, 2013

Morton Field Complex in Upper St. Clair is probably better known for the soccer fields and baseball fields on its premises, but there is a playground structure here, too!  Perfect for entertaining siblings during soccer or baseball games or a quick stop off the walking trail that runs by Morton Field Complex, this playground is a great little escape for kids of all ages.

Morton Field Complex, 2420 Morton Road, Upper St. Clair

Morton, front view

This playground is a half of a mile walk on the trail from Baker Park.  We did both of these playgrounds in a day once, but be warned: it is NOT an easy walk!  To get from one playground to the other you must walk up and back down a pretty steep hill.  I like to get my exercise in whenever and wherever I can, but this walk was a bit more challenging than I was expecting.  However, the playground was charming, making the hike worth the smile that lit up my little girl’s face.

This playground features:

  • three slides; one tunnel, one double, one straight
  • a playhouse
  • multiple entries to the platform, including low platform steps, 2 ladders, a curving rock climbing wall, and poles with circular discs.

My thoughts on this playground:

  • My seven month old was unimpressed.  There were no swings and there wasn’t any shade for me to park his stroller in.  He would give this playground 0 out of 5 stars.  Sorry, little guy, can’t win them all!
  • My toddler loved this playground.  The entry points to the platform were all on one side of the climbing apparatus, so she was able to go up and run around freely while I monitored her from whichever open point she was nearest.  This is one of my favorite features of playgrounds; I don’t like when you can access the higher platforms from multiple sides because that means I need to watch out for her FALLING OFF from multiple sides.  I tend to restrict her play a little more, so this setup is ideal for us.  She liked the gear board on the platform and enjoyed the slides.  She really liked the playhouse on the back side of the playground, and played pretend, sitting on the bench and looking out the window.  She would give this 5 out of 5 stars; she was busy and happy the whole time and there wasn’t anything that I restricted her from doing.
  • I liked the safety features of this playground.  I felt comfortable with my toddler running around, even on the higher platforms.  My daughter is much to  young to attempt the rock climbing wall, but I was even having a difficult time imagining how to get up it!  I think it’s a great addition for school-aged kids who are looking for an obstacle to conquer.  I think this playground hits the majority of age groups very well.  Toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children would have enough options to keep them busy here for awhile.  Unfortunately there really isn’t anything for the pre-walkers, as there aren’t any swings and the playhouse area is in the woodchips, which makes it unfriendly for crawlers.  Because of that, I give this playground 4.5 out of 5 stars.  In addition to the access from the walking trail, this playground is right next to a pretty major parking lot, with a paved trail from the parking lot to play area, making it very easy to access.  We will definitely visit this playground again!

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